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Discussion in 'Andy's Trad Forum' started by AshScache, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. AshScache

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    Does anyone have a shell Cordovan wallet? Where did you get it? I’ve looked at the AE one and like it in terms of number of slots etc, but don’t love how the AE name is stamped inside. Would like either the Horween stamp in the lining or plain. Ability to get a matching key fob would be nice also....

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  2. Pentheos

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    I do. I have the Mitchell money clip in #8. I got mine without the huge Mitchell stamp on the front. He is currently out-of-stock. They're now $199 -- I think I paid half that around 7 years ago.
  3. FLMike

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  4. TweedyDon

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    I have the AE one--it's lasted almost a decade with heavy use and is still going strong!
  5. TimF

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    For that amount you can get one custom made. Hand sewn out of cordovan leather. There are many makers to choose from.
  6. Oldsport

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    How many actual rich people spend $200 plus on a wallet? I mean, actually rich?
  7. New Old Stock

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    New York
    They're custom made for the store by a guy in NYC.
    Don't have one, but have seen them in person & they look/feel well made.
    Some have the Horween stamp inside the cash sleeve. They take phone orders all day & are very patient to deal with, I'd give them a call if only to check stock.
    Only have one kind online, the "L" (which is an interesting take on a wallet), may have more in store so I'd give them a call too.

    Re: rich people & their wallets... they don't carry one! In fact, they don't carry any cash either. The rest of us borrow it & carry it around for them, but we always give it back. :fool:
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  8. Oldsport

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  9. Howard

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    You can easily head to the dollar store and buy one.
  10. eagle2250

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    I have one of AE's #8 shell cordovan wallets that I have been carrying for 6+ years. As I recall, I bought it on sale for $89 and have never once doubted that, at the price purchased, it represents great value! After six years it shows naught but minimal signs of wear. I would gladly say I would buy this wallet again, but frankly, think this one will outlast me! ;)

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