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As a fellow Asian, I've always disdained the "rule." The rules are made by others. I wear the colors that are attractive to my eyes. I believe that if you put a nice package together, that's more important than the rule. Otherwise, in summer, I'm sweating out in black, brown, while everyone else gets to wear the nice pastels (pink, yellow, sky blue.) Forget it. I believe having confidence in your personal style outweighs following some arbitrary rules.


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What colors you look good in based on your complexion isn't a rule: it's pretty much reality. I think of that scene in Life of Brian where Eric Idle's character 'wants to have a baby'...everyone recognizes that he is a man and can't have one...so they decide to fight for his RIGHT to have one.

People make mistakes in their wardrobe choices, especially early on. I certainly did (bought a bunch of 'greige' in the 90s). I think it's a good thing when they realize these mistakes, and learn from them. This is not a 'navy' vs 'grey' debate. I see people making color mistakes all of the time, just as most of the people on this site see 'mistakes of proportion' on a daily basis.

I'm glad the OP has figured this out. I'm sure his future choices will reflect his newfound knowledge. He will actually feel better--and look better--because of it.
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