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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by ImageIsCofidence, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. ImageIsCofidence

    ImageIsCofidence New Member

    How about a pair of sleek wingtips? Not 50's 60's. But 2008. For a young man.

    I just reflected on the past shoes I had. I think I had all 'toes'. Cap, Moc, etc. I think I can 'wear' any shoe. But I never had wingtips. I see the Allen-Edmonds Bel-Air. Not sure if it is 'sleek'. (Pictures sometimes are deceiving).

    Looking for some suggestions since this forum seems to know more about shoes than I actually know about anything in life.
  2. ImageIsCofidence

    ImageIsCofidence New Member

    Or something like this:

    To Boot New York "Noble"

    Not sure about this company. But a website has these puppies for $195. Picture looks like these are nice and sleek. Any thoughts?
  3. dfloyd

    dfloyd Advanced Member

    I'm not sure that any traditional wingtip can be termed sleek ....

    nor would they go with blue jeans, levis etc. Wingtips that are not traditional are mostly fashion forward shoes with the only only presentable ones I have seen being monk straps.
  4. amemovox

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    United States
    This is a beautiful shoe. Must give credit to the Ben Silver website. If not mistaken, these are Crockett & Jones.

  5. luk-cha

    luk-cha Senior Member


    here's my addition for a sleek wing tip!
  6. videocrew

    videocrew Senior Member

    You want to tell us what kind those are? Or just show us a picture?
  7. videocrew

    videocrew Senior Member

    Crockett and Jones Clifford. $695 @ Ben Silver, $418 @
  8. luk-cha

    luk-cha Senior Member

    just show a picture! as the OP just wanted to get some idea's! here's a side shot

    but for you, they are a G&G bespoke full brogue balmoral oxford in mahogany super grain calf
  9. Jamaican

    Jamaican New Member

    Luk-cha is this a crust leather or analine? Bespoke spec shoes only? J
  10. omanae

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    Newton Center
    Here is a photo of one of the models of shoes that we can have MTM in our 306 S. Dearborn location.


    you can choose from multiple different leathers, lengths, widths, details etc. on this last. If you like it stop by Andrea Vangna and I'll answer any other questions you may have.


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