Stainless Steel Wallet???

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Palerider, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Palerider

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    Apologies if this belongs in the Interchange (or some other) forum, but I thought it would be an item of interest. I just received an e-mail advertisement from Cuff art touting a new "stainless steel" wallet :eek: :
    "The worlds first and only patented wallet composed entirely of stainless steel, the fabric used in it's creation is also used in the making of fuel filters for Ferrari.

    Three times thinner than paper, but with the same strength as traditional leather, these wallets are unusually smooth to the touch, incredibly light and will never corrode.

    Unlike leather, woven stainless steel actually breathes and blocks radio waves, thus protecting RFID enabled credit cards from mobile scanners!"

    Bizarre. Is this just capitalizing on a trend (everything stainless) or is there really a market/need for radio wave blocking wallets?
  2. udeshi

    udeshi Senior Member

    Peter Elliot in Manhattan stocks them. My friend was quite taken by them and got the card holder. The wallet has a tendency to crease. Do we need them, no, a money clip and card holder suffices, but then we don't need hand stitched full canvas suits - loin cloths also cover one's privates.
  3. Kav

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    They should pair well with kevlar bulletproof suits. But why am I feeling deja vu for the development of armour that finally defeated swords and arrows only to be brought down by war hammers, battleaxes and finally hand cannons?
  4. eagle2250

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    I'm probably just a sucker for gimmicks but, that wallet sounds pretty cool! Although, I'm not sure how practical it would be...most of us stuff way too much in our wallets and I'm not sure a wallet made of woven SS fabric would be flexible enough to allow us to do that. Perhaps that's just the incentive we need to keep the junk out of our wallets!
  5. Srynerson

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    Given the greater conductivity of steel compared to leather and most other materials usually used for wallets, isn't there a comparatively greater risk of demagnetizing your cards?
  6. Mithras

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    With the new chip technology that is now becoming manditory in Europe on all credit cards (and will be in N.A. within the next 5-7 years) this will become important.
  7. GBR

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    More like gimmickry but why not?
  8. Alexander Kabbaz

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    Stewart has been making unique things like this for a few years now. Always good quality and innovative. Last year he designed a line of flat cufflinks. Always works with metal. He premiered the wallet at this year's Collective.
  9. Andy

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    Good for keeping business cards and bills flat, but not so good for getting through airport security!
  10. lostinaustin

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