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    Hi All,

    I am attending a wedding in Florida this coming Summer and am in a bit of a quandary as for what to wear. The bride and groom have specified that the wedding is not an overtly formal affair, with no expectation to wear a full suit or any neckwear. It is to be an outside ceremony taking place during the early afternoon in a botanic garden, as far as I am aware. With this in mind I was wondering what would be the best attire for the event?

    I was planning on wearing a pair of light stone chinos, dark brown suede monk shoes and plain white shirt for definite, as well as purchasing a linen/ cotton jacket, potentially in a light blue or green. The ‘colour scheme’ for the event is gold, with me attending as a guest of one of the bridesmaids who has to have a gold dress. Would it be out of place to buy a gold tie that matches my girlfriends dress? I was thinking about a silk knitted tie as to not overdress given the host’s wishes.

    Many Thanks
  2. Flanderian

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    You're under no obligation whatsoever to conform to anything the wedding party decides to wear, and I feel it would be in poor taste to copy any item, unless a specific request was made by the bride to do so.

    That said, given the wedding's particulars, while a more casual summer suit would be entirely acceptable, so would a sport jacket such as you've suggested. And, certainly, if you feel a gold tie (How about silk crochet?) would go well with it, that's fine, except I'd assure the shade isn't an identical match to that of the wedding party.

    I'm a disgusting male-chauvinist (A term now so archaic as to be literally comical! :p) I think weddings of this sort are really very much the ladies' thing. Any doubts, I'd check with the bride, and if you have any sort of relationship with the young lady you're escorting, she as well.
    (You'll thank me later! :happy:)
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  3. Matt S

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    When I heard Florida, summer, outside and "no expectation to wear a full suit or any neckwear", I'd say no tie. Any jacket will be very uncomfortable in Florida in the summer outdoors so nobody will likely be wearing them, but you will likely need a jacket indoors (extreme air conditioning) if that's where the reception will be.
  4. Young Gentelman

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    Thanks both for the advice.
    Having thought about it some more, I don't know if I will pursue a tie at all, but may instead go for a gold coloured pocket square as my girlfriend is keen on me having something to match without looking like i'm with the wedding party (I was thinking there would be a good chance the groomsmen would be wearing gold ties also).
    If I remember I will try and upload some pictures of my outfit.

  5. SG_67

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    I think you’re on the right track. White shirt, Linen jacket and chinos are fine.

    I have no quarrel with dark brown suede monks but I’m wondering if nubuck in a lighter shade of brown wouldn’t be more appropriate.

    I agree with MattS; lose the tie. A white cotton pocket square or something that has hints of the colors of the wedding would look good.
  6. FLMike

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    I would not wear a white shirt with light stone pants. Prefer more contrast. I would also not feel compelled to match my girlfriend’s outfit in any way. She’s in the are not.
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    This presents a challenge between what you're told you don't have to wear and what you might feel is proper to wear, all the while endeavoring to look good.

    I might suggest a seersucker suit. You will look good, you shouldn't be too hot, and at least one other male guest is likely to tell you he wished he was wearing one.
  8. ouinon

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    No tie. White or ivory pocket square with gold trim, like so. This will “call” to your girlfriend’s dress without looking like you’re on your way to a high school prom or trying to pass for a member of the wedding party.

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