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A friend from St. Louis stopped by for a visit last night and walked away with a gorgeous Golden Fleece suit I found at the thrifts a couple days ago that fits him almost perfectly. Looking for a recommendation for a tailor he can go to for final tweaks. It doesn't need much. However, a lapel has been mis-pressed and so needs to be re-pressed so that it lies properly without a telltale crease from the bad press--that's actually the biggest issue. If it were mine, I'd send it to Rave Fabricare in Arizona to be re-pressed, but he's not the type of clothes horse who would spend the money it would take to do that. I told him I'd find him a top notch tailor in the St. Louis area who could take care of the alterations and, hopefully, the pressing. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.


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Everyone I know goes to Chesterfield Tailoring (in suburbs, 20 minutes outside of city) off Olive Blvd. The expert tailor there may ​be on vacation, I can't recall.