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A friend from St. Louis came to visit at just the right time last night and left with a BB Golden Fleece suit I recently picked up at the thrifts. Fits him near perfect. The biggest issue is a mis-pressed lapel that needs to be re-done so that it lies properly when buttoned and doesn't show a crease. If it were mine, I'd send it to Rave Fabricare in Arizona, but he's not that type of clothes horse. I told him I'd try to find him someone local who could take care of the lapel and the minor alterations needed to make it just exactly perfect for him. Any recommendations? Thanks.


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I've been taking my clothes to "Expert Alterations" for about five years and have been happy with his service. He's off Woods Mill and Clayton roads. However, my experience isn't with anything especially difficult, tapering shirts and suits, adjusting sleeves, waist in pants, hem and cuff. He does custom suits so he might be able to handle your friend's needs.