The Art of the Unlined Jacket.

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    All gabardine is twill, but not all twills are gabardine. Traditional gabardine is tough stuff, and one variant now rarely seen is cotton gabardine. Both more substantial and more refined than other cotton twills, it would serve as a marvelous compliment to this handsome jacket. Lots of good choices. I once had my tailor make a pair of steel blue trousers to compliment a summer cloth of a oyster shade similar to this jacket. But I think my ultimate preference would be cotton gabardine in a rich camel color.
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    The point of an unlined linen coat is to enable you to wear a coat but not really be any hotter for doing so. If jeans and a given shirt wouldn't be too hot, then adding an unlined linen coat won't really change your comfort level.
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    I'll speculate that an adequately breathable, fully lined jacket may be cooler because it provides an added protective layer between your skin and the hot sun (less radiation exposure) and offers additional space between your skin and the outer layer, providing enhanced evaporation from the skin and convection of heat out of the garment, both of which have a cooling effect. A similar process that keeps sheiks in Araby cool while wearing a thawb ("robe").
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    I wore my new unlined Hopsack jacket today (my first unlined coat) for the first time and boy does it make a difference. So light and airy.

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