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Casual observation. In DC, where I work, I've played this informal observation game over the last few months counting how many men I see in public wearing a suit sans tie. I'd guess it's nearly 50%, which strikes me as a lot (I'm not one of that category). I'm in a "dress for your job" environment, but personally, if I'm wearing a suit, I'm wearing a tie. I know the Forum is biased pro-tie, but is there flexibility in this stance? (maybe not for me, but in the general case)

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I'm with Medhat and Oldsarge: If I'm wearing a suit, I'm wearing a tie. I don't like the look of a suit without a tie.

The exception: if the suit is a light-colored poplin or linen, then the tieless look is OK in my view. Tan linen with a French blue shirt--not bad at all. But a dark business suit with no tie? Not for me.

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If I'm wearing a suit, I'm wearing a tie.
Yes. And I now shall twist that into a personal maxim: If it needs a tie, it needs a suit.

I do wear jackets. All the time, like now in my car (with my arm in Nordstrom navy linen stuck out the window so I can drum on the door in time to d'myoosic). (Sean Mendes, Senorita) (The car is stopped.) (But not my fingers.) I don't wear ties with jackets. I stopped that when I stopped selling Kenmore appliances.

Suits, always; jackets never. Don't anybody follow me in this. I wish to stay cacooned and alone with my little eccenticities.


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My nephew, an accountant at one of the large firms, reports that here in Winnipeg they are commonly wearing the suits without ties. Ties are on a hanger for tie appropriate meetings. My guess is they don't wear the jacket much around the office. Don't know about when they hit the street for lunch.

Update: My nephew makes the decision about wearing a jacket onto the street for lunch according to whether he wants to put his wallet and phone into his pants pockets.
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I think there will always be a core that wears a tie when wearing a suit.

Then there will be another group that chases the fad. Right now, the fad is suit with no tie. Give it a few fashion cycles it will reverse.

The given proportion in one group vs. the other within the entire population will differ of course, and there may be some regional variations, but I think it’s too soon to proclaim the death of the tie.


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I believe StephenRG made the case for the tie beautifully. It’s certainly the reason I still love ties. However, I fear that many folk have lost that desire to express themselves through clothing. Back in the nineteen seventies when I worked in a very conservative bank, the ranks of dark grey and navy suits were almost indistinguishable, and that was amplified by the fact that virtually everyone wore pale blue or white pinpoint shirts and well shined black cap toed bals. Occasionally some rebel wore an ecru shirt or some #8 wingtips. Ties were another matter. There were repps, polka dots, emblematic, neats, Macclesfields, and even the odd madder paisley. No two were alike. Then in the mid nineteen eighties the Hermès craze was upon us, and gorgeous patterns and electric colors started to appear. We experienced an economic downturn, roughly coincident here with the casual Friday phenomenon, and the young guys living paycheck to paycheck in the downsizing world of banking, gave up dressing for the job, at least here, possibly for a little more financial security in ditching expensive clothing for Dockers and golf shirts. I really don’t see a catalyst on the horizon to bring them back to wearing ties, and looking at what’s in our local stores I think it may be just as well.

After my career in banking I went into state government. In Austin it is a large presence. The thousands of state workers in downtown make casual Friday dressing seem stuffy. Faded jeans, beat up athletic shoes, and shirts that remind you of sitcoms about junior high seem to be the norm. Comfort has trumped all. I just don’t see ties ever capturing that market and cannot imagine their progeny going back to ties without anyone to teach them.

Even at the executive level in government, the inculcating of an appreciation of dressing up was an uphill fight. I had a chief of Staff in his mid twenties. He knew he needed to dress up for board meetings and to testify at the legislature. So he got a skinny black suit and a skinny black tie. My chairman and I tried to coach him, but there was zero interest. Right after a board meeting he’d rip off the tie and put on a tee shirt!

I fear Austin is farther down this track than DC, but I believe we are all on it.

I still wear ties, even with sport coats. The only time I’d consider not wearing a tie if wearing a jacket would be at an event with unclear dress but likely to be casual. However, I’d have a bow tie in my pocket, just in case! It’s my Superman suit!