The Length of a No Vent Jacket and a Double Vent Jacket

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by chris2008, Jun 14, 2019.

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    I was watching Antonio Centeno discuss jacket vents. In his video he said that a double vent jacket "can be a little bit longer" and that no vent jackets are "usually just a little bit shorter." Here is a link to Antonio's video:

    If no vent jackets are typically shorter, and double vent jackets are typically longer, why is this so?


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    Never heard that one before. ?? The traditional rule is that the jacket is long enough to cover your behind. Vents, number or no shouldn't be a factor.
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    I suppose if you have no vent it's harder to get into your rear pockets so perhaps that's the rationale?

    Actually, after watching the video it sounds like he is not proposing a large difference. He doesn't specify the amount but the implication is less than an inch which shouldn't make much of a difference. As an aside, he also has a strange lapel on the left side (looks like a functioning button?)
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    Hunting jacket, throat latch that can close the collar for more weather protection. Commonly seen in English hunting jackets.

    The button is supposed to be hidden under his right collar.
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    He’s an internet style “expert,” whose advice is worth what you pay for it.

    In theory, jacket length of any sort should be what compliments the wearer, which changes from person to person and probably from suit to suit, but not in a way subject to a priori analysis. Some of my favorite suits of all times were those big, long suits invented suits from the late early nineties, much reviled now I suppose. Such as they were, they make current Peewee Herman-on-steroids parodies of suits look like the pinnacle of good taste.

    In reality, heuristics such as the length in relation to one’s knuckles are used, and probably give a better result than any attempt to get a custom fit, short perhaps of very high end, which itself seems to have succumbed to fashion.
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    I was chagrined a few years ago when posting photos of Pee Wee and realizing that compared to what is currently being advertised, his suits were literally a nonpareil of fit. :(
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