The Official AAAT Music Thread: What Are You Listening To?

Discussion in 'Andy's Trad Forum' started by Patrick06790, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Patrick06790

    Patrick06790 Connoisseur

    United States
    A discussion of music emerged from the scrum of the "He Mad" thread. Let's separate it so it doesn't get lost in the Muffy.

    I am listening to:

    The Rolling Stones live in 1965 — the "Charlie is my Darling" box set comes with two CDs, one the movie soundtrack and one of the group live about the same time. Killer version of "Route 66," same arrangement as the live cut on "December's Children" but a much better recording. You can hear the Brian Jones parts much better throughout.

    The Sadies — An old college buddy sent me three relatively recent Sadies discs a while back, including a collaboration with Robyn Hitchcock on a song called "Why Would Anybody Want to Live Here" that got my attention. Hard to pin these guys down as they move easily between styles — semi-surfy, roadhouse r and b, Byrds-y jangle (with and without Hitchcock) and just plain weird.

    Mozart string quartets — I was shooting some Yale kids in a string quartet at Music Mountain in Falls Village, Conn. over the summer and marveling at the precision of the players. A string quartet is something to watch as much as hear. Anyway I indulged in a box set, can't tell you the group, and it's good driving music. Problem is the super staccato parts make me want to scratch. Not restful.

    Small Faces — Found a Best of at the thrift shop and miracle of miracles, it wasn't heavily scratched and hadn't been used as a coaster. And now I know where Robert Plant got that voice from.
  2. CMDC

    CMDC Honors Member

    United States
    Awesome. Lets do it. As my thrifting has become more pronounced, my record store trips have declined. Not good. I've started to rectify that over the past few weeks. Recent pickups include...

    Mighty Sparrow. I've got more reggae and not really any calypso so this was a nice find.

    A bunch of Spanish music. Wife and I went to Spain this summer so I've been trying to score some vinyl to keep me remembering the trip. Picked up a stack of Andres Segovia but haven't dug into it yet. While in Bilbao, I managed--due to some translating help from the next door storekeeper--to score some great Basque punk. Thus, Kortatu

    Jacques Brel

    I've also been on a bit of a Neil Young kick. I've always been kind of ambivalent about him but have been going back through his 70s releases.

    Not so much in the immediate past...

    I'm a huge Carrie Brownstein fan going back to Sleater Kinney. Her new band Wild Flag is fantastic.

    Tinariwen. Listen to music from Mali and you can hear where the blues came from. These guys are absolutely incredible. Saw them here in DC about a year ago. Before the Civil War broke out there, I had this fantasy of going to the Festival in the Desert which is held near Timbuktu every year.
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  3. ArtVandalay

    ArtVandalay Super Member

    United States
    Over the past week or two:
    Beach Boys 20/20
    Ryan Adams Cardinology
    Foster the People Torches
    REM Reckoning
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  4. Shaver

    Shaver Connoisseur

    Jacques Brel is the finest lyricist of whom I am aware. His own performances are superb but Scott Walker's interpretations of Brel's compositions are sublime, spectacular and simply thrilling. :icon_smile:

    Oh, and I'm currently listening to Marilyn Manson, Anti-Christ Superstar.
  5. Trip English

    Trip English Honors Member

    United States
    My Brightest Diamond after hearing her on NPR. Really good stuff. Not as harsh on the ears as Joanna Newsom, who I can only take a few times a year despite enjoying it immensely.
    Try this if you haven't heard her before, but also listen to it on Spotify 320 if you have the option. Her music has incredible dynamic range for pop music and the YouTube version is pretty flat.

    Also letting some Elvis Costello trickle back in after a long break.

    Highly anticipating the upcoming Nick Cave & Scott Walker albums.
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  6. Walter Denton

    Walter Denton Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    United States
    North Carolina
    I listen mostly to the pre-cursor to punk - old-time fiddle and banjo music of guys like Tommy Jarrell, Fred Cockerham, and Oscar Jenkins. They were mostly in their 70's when they first recorded music they originally played back in the 20's.

    Also listening to Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli
  7. vwguy

    vwguy Honors Member

    United States
    Let's see, on heavy rotation...

    Pine Leaf Boys - Back Home
    Neil Halstead - Palindrome Hunches
    Depeche Mode - Speak & Spell

    And I always throw in some Vampire Weekend just for good measure.

  8. rsgordon

    rsgordon Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    United States
    new york
    Rolling Stones No. 2

    Beach Boys Hits

    ZZ Top - American Blues

    The Four Tops Compilation
  9. Blessings

    Blessings Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    I've never heard Scott Walker's interpretations of Brel - sounds interesting. Walker Brothers Nite Flights is one of my most played records.

    For anyone looking for some interesting new music I would highly recommend Swans new record "The Seer". Absolutely superb.
  10. drlivingston

    drlivingston Connoisseur

    United States
    Clancy Brother especially w/Tommy Makem
    Beastie Boys
    Andrea Bocelli
    Run DMC
    Andres Segovia
    Wu Tang Clan

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