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Turn it waaaayyyy up and crack open a cold one for breakfast. Do it. I know that you want to.

Dave Edmunds - "Almost Saturday Night"

"But, honey-love, Tod made me do it."

"I thought I told you to keep away from that degenerate!"
Guess you never have a SWMBO smack you across the chops with a sneaker? And not just a new or clean shoe, but a stinky, falling apart one that was the only shoewear I wore in those years.

Also guess it was deserved, putting on such drivel as Slade, or something similar, as this was many, many decades and women ago...


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Allman Brothers, "No One to Run With"
Fantastic. The early 90's was a great renaissance for them. Saw them on the 25th Anniversary Tour in Nashville--where Duane and Gregg were born. One of their early guitar teachers came onstage, if memory serves. They did Jessica for like half an hour!
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