Mr. B. Scott Robinson

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Atlanta, Georgia
United States
It’s prudent to wear snake proof boots in the south for dove season when it’s still quite warm and rattlers are active. Plus they look good and comfortable.
In all my years of shooting in the south, I only saw one rattler which I shot and skinned. Granted, I didn’t go flipping over logs or pouring gas down gopher holes to find them, but they were on my mind. I saw many Cotton Mouths close to water and they gave me the heebie jeebies for sure.

While hunting in South Africa, I found the place crawling with very bad and potentially aggressive snakes. Nothing quite like coming across a cobra shed to focus ones attention. Fat puff adders were also common. Mambas were around but I never saw one alive. I wore Chippewa Snake boots without fail in the field. Some of the Afrikaner’s I hunted with shot in flip flops, which I found hard to grasp.


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