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I have tried mightily each hunting season to take a wild turkey for our Thanksgiving dinner, but have failed miserably to be able to do so. Consequently I have found myself forced to skulk off to the local butcher shop to secure a beast for our feast! ;)
Do not despair Mr. Eagle, such is the plight for those of us of a certain age, raised in the hills of Pennsyltucky, where, when we learned to hunt, it was the wily whitetail deer, that we sought. In those days, it was rare to encounter, and even rarer to get one, with a sizeable rack (though I averaged one every other year or three). Turkey hunting was really pushed by our game commission beginning in the early 80's, as big game hunting, and turkeys did not become plentiful until the past two decades, but, they require a different sort of hunting than deer.

I recall the first time I went spring gobbler hunting. I had practiced my calling for weeks, nay, months prior. I had full camo, including camo face paint and camo tape on my shotgun. I had scouted where I was going to go and I was on stand at very dark, dark thirty. I began my calling when the first hint of light began and I immediately got a response, from a far distance. I continued, using every trick in the mouth call book, with constant responses, getting closer and closer, and then: about 100 yards out, a camo form began to make an appearance, as I had called in another hunter. Not really ready to quit calling, as he had not seen me, I kept up my calls until he was about 25 to 30 yards away, when I clapped loudly. He snuck away directly, not wanting to give up his identity.

For what its worth, I never got a turkey either, but I got way more than my share of deer, mostly bucks and only one doe. I also shot many, many squirrels, more than a few grouse and even some woodcock. Seems I ruminating like the old gent in Ruark's "The Old Man and the Boy"!


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I am seriously contemplating a Browning FN 9mm in the future. My friend had one when we were in high school and it was an amazing pistol.


My father acquired one shortly after he returned from Active Service in the Army Air Force. After trying to hit the broad side of a barn with an issue .45, he was delighted at how well it shot. I still have it.