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Indeed George Lucas has such a wonderfully fevered imagination. I can only wonder what a magnificent trophy Chewbacca the Wookiee would make in one's trophy room. We wouldn't have to kill him...just invite him to take up residence as a permanent guest, but egad(!), that incessant bawling of his would be worse than the noise all these Sanhill Cranes make wandering around our neighborhood! LOL. ;)


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Hunting the elephants legally actually helps keep more elephants alive. The money pays for their well being. Cattle ranches and farms do the same thing. Not to mention, the 80s don't count any more.
Anyway, you can hunt bison, and elephants, on private farms (which is probably why that elephant died in the first place).
Because of cattle farming and ranching and people eating them there are millions more than not. Handling as we do has kept them from going extinct. It works for elephants, too.
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