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Discussion in 'Andy's Trad Forum' started by Joe Tradly, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Joe Tradly

    Joe Tradly Advanced Member

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    I dipped my toe for the first time in the waters of the thrift shop today. Went to the local goodwills and salvation armies in southeastern CT.

    After four places, my report is that you really do have to sift through some absolute trash, but there is good stuff there. I found at least two Southwick sacks and a press suit jacket (which fit! but no pants! and not wearable as an odd jacket). Most of the stuff, however wasn't my size. I just kept thinking to myslef, "boy, an Ask Andy trad would go nuts over this Harris Tweed sack for $5.99."

    Wouldn't it be something if Andy hosted some sort of trad thrift find exchange? Like I'd buy up all the sacks at the local joint, and post what I found? Probably too much effort, and I probably should just buy them and sell them on ebay. Too much work though...

    Onward and upward.

  2. AlanC

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    You'll get more efficient with some practice. Be careful. It's addicting.

    You can offer things for sale in the Sales Forum here on AA. There are some family and friends, on and off forum, that I keep an eye out for when I'm thrifting, too.

    Finding orphaned suit coats can be heartbreaking. I ran across a great Chester Barrie suit coat on Friday, but the trousers were nowhere in sight. I consoled myself with a cashmere Zegna sportcoat, though. :biggrin2:
  3. mpcsb

    mpcsb Inactive User

    Zegna is trad?

    You're a better man than me - just can't do the thrift shop thing. For some reason family hand-me-downs are different. I do however, admire your resolution and thrift.

  4. vwguy

    vwguy Honors Member

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    Was it a 44L perhaps ;)

    I'll hit up the local thrift stores every now again again, but NE WI just isn't as Trad as other parts of the country so the good finds are few & far between.

  5. mfdugan

    mfdugan Active Member with Corp. Privileges


    It would be great to do some sort of exchange thing. We would have to trust each other on quality requirements but we could make a rule that you have to buy whatever a guy gets for you. Of course you could lay out your tastes, needs, wants etc. Most thrift stores are very cheap so you are only out 5 bucks if you hate it.

    I have a local consignment shop/thrift store that gets some amazing stuff. Not a lot that would interest those in the trad forum i suppose but there were a few soutwick suits there awhile back. Just too small for me. Right now there are 3 Zegnas sitting there in a 42 or 44. They are not thrift prices but much better than ebay.

    I scored yesterday with 13 Stefano Ricci self lined ties and 6 zegna ties at 4 bucks each. I know those arent of interest on this board but it was quite a deal. A couple nice Brooks ties for 2 bucks each as well.
  6. abc123

    abc123 Super Member

    EDIT - Nevermind, I just saw that you were in CT. Oh well, if anyone knows of any good shops in the DC metro area (especially the Maryland side), le me know!
  7. AlanC

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    No, but I'm a mod of the Trad forum, I never said I dressed that way all the time. :biggrin2: It is of fairly conservative cut and style, however, three-button, check pattern. My sources inform me it's about a $2000 coat; I paid $6.88:


    Sounds like some nice finds, mfdugan.

    My closet runneth over from thrift finds.
  8. tripreed

    tripreed Advanced Member

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    I think it's important to note that not all thrift stores are created equal. Some are charity-based, some are private companies; some get clothes from central-processing areas meaning that clothes could come from locations far away from the store itself, while others simply put out whatever donations are collected at the site; some sort by size and some (most annoyingly) sort by color. I suppose that each of these factors can have their own advantages and disadvantages resulting in better or worse odds of scoring what you're interested in. I guess the best advice I can offer is to visit all of the thrift stores in your area and figure out which ones are best to visit on a regular basis. Perseverance is the name of the game (as AlanC, Well-Heeled King of Thrift Stores, has taught me numerous times).
  9. AlanC

    AlanC Sartorial Sultan<br> Moderator, Trad Forum

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    I'll be out tomorrow and have two thrift stores in my sites. As it will be Wednesday and thus half-off day at the Salvation Army I may have to swing by there as well.
  10. crs

    crs Super Member

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    There is a thrift store near me that has a lot of tweed. I have not partaken thus far because I wanted to sniff some new ones first and haven't had a chance. The thrift tweeds have some kind of odor, not an unpleasant one, but since it has been many years since I owned one (and I smoked then), I am not sure whether all tweeds smell this way or whether these thrifties have some mild form of BO and thus ought to be avoided. So, do Harris Tweeds have a distinctive smell even when new?

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