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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Liberty Ship, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Liberty Ship

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    I was just sitting here watching the news and studying tie stripes. Like the kind on club, school, or regimental ties. Do the stripes always go from high on the starboard side to low on the port side? Or is it random?
  2. JerseyJohn

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    You know, I'd never thought of that, so I had to go and check. Sure enough, out of about a dozen striped ties, all of them sloped downward to the left.
  3. manton

    manton Arbiter CBDum

    English ties = Left higher than right.

    American ties = Right higher than left.

    Italian ties = either way, but mostly the English way.

    As ever, there are exceptions, etc.
  4. mipcar

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    And the reason being is that the English were/are very protective of their Regimental/School/Club tie. So to create stripes ties and not offend anyone or be accused of wearing something to which you are not entitled the Americans brought out the same patterns but in reverse.
    In Australia of course we don't have that problem, we still put on dried and stretched Kangaroo tail skin or a bit of snake skin if dressing up. These make great ties.:p
  5. Matt S

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    The English way of left shoulder to right hip I find is more flattering, as the stripes draw the eye UP towards the head. The American stripes draw the eye DOWN towards the crotch. The American striped tie was yet another effort to take an English style and mess it up.
  6. stainless

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    Maybe we want eyes drawn to our crotch...:p
  7. Belgravia

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    One memorization trick is to remember which is which would be the English stripes - for the regiment, club or school - are cut from the heart.
  8. Taliesin

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    If the stripes are at comparable angles, how would the higher left side (English) draw the eye up any more than the higher right side (American)?

    Does this:


    go up and down in a different way than this?


    I don't see it.
  9. Matt S

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    As I read text from left to right, I tend to view other things from left to right as well. I'm sure this is the same for most other people. So when viewing the tie from left to right it naturally draws the eye up. And as A Suitable Wardrobe states, the British stripe direction is more harmonious with the left over right buttoning and the location of the breast pocket and lapel buttonhole.

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