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It's been a while since the last Tiecrafters thread... most of them go back 5 yrs or more... So... I just got eight neckties back from them, all cleaned, some also narrowed. I have to say I was astonished at the transformation - they all look fantastic, including one or two I thought were goners, having gotten snags in the materials. They took care of that as well.

But there's one little fly in the ointment.... maybe. The ties came back 'flat' - on the edges as well. I thought the edges of a quality tie are supposed to be puffy or rounded rather than flat, and that this is one reason ties should never be ironed.

I don't have much expertise in this line - for all I know it could be that these ties became too puffy over the years and are now correct again. They are mostly woven ties from J Press, a couple of prints, and some 5-7 yr-old Brooks Brothers repp ties (which I had narrowed).



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What was the type of damage that you had prior to the cleaning? I have several that I've thrifted that I want to send off but I'm not sure what is fixable. For example, I have two that have wear from being knotted too long or tightly--not a stain. Thus, the tie is darker in this spot. Is this fixable?


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I've had them do a fair number of ties, including 5 I just got back yesterday. I've always been very pleased and agree they make the ties look better than I thought possible. I've not had them come back flat, except for one or two that had been previously pressed flat, and Tiecrafters was not able to fully restore the rounded edges, though they were improved. They do a fantastic job on any alterations and have removed every dark spot or stain I've given them. Go for it, you won't be disappointed.
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