Tom Hanks calls for "high rise trousers" to come back into "fashion"

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Dmontez, Oct 14, 2015.

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    Hold up. So you think any time pants are worn below the navel (even if just below), they look bad, even if the man has no extra midsection padding?
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    That is not what I said. I said that in this picture, where the men have a properly sized pants and worn correctly, the waistband sit at or just below his navel. However, if he chose to wear this same pair under his belly or on the hip, that looks bad because there will be some extra space under his *junk*. That, to me, looks bad.

    OTOH, if this thin man is wearing a low-rise, hip hugger jean where the waistband just sit below the top of hip bone, and he is wearing that properly with no extra room below his junk, that is not a bad look as the jean is designed to be worn like that. However, whether you like it or not, that is a different question.

    So in short, if the pants are designed to be worn at navel or above the hip bones, but worn below it designed location, it looks bad because the pants are not used according how it is designed. On the same token, if you have a high waist (rise) pants that is designed to be worn at below the rib cage, and you choose to wear it below the top of the hip bone, it will look really bad. It is not the pants fault that it looks bad, it is how you wear it.
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    The cut of pants matter. Some over weight guys the bulge is all in front. Others, it is the front and sides. A few, even the back! When buying the rtw, what are they getting? Are the choices, if there are any choices, written down? Depending on the rest of the fit maybe the front should be pushed down. Others, if can, over the top. If the belt level is made for level, is it possible for that person to wear it that way? Custom have many choices. RTW is limited. And lots of men don't have many choices. One tailor prefers to cut the dip in front. Back to rtw. If opt for the waist size will everything below be"swimming"? Giant folds of cloth below. Designers of today's clothes are not the tailors of old. Many tailors had/have extensive training. College degree, doesn't. Besides, today there are few tailors for companies to grab.

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