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I'm a big fan. For some--not me--crashes are an attraction. That said, this crash is one of the most dramatic I've ever seen. Dude on a descent gets bumped in a hairpin, goes out of control off the side of the hill and into a telephone pole head first, then quasi helicopters down the side of the hill after making contact with what appears to be his head against the pole. Then gets up and finishes the stage to retain his sixth place in the overall standings. Amazing.


By comparison, below is Joseba Beloki's crash in the 2003 Tour, caused by his rear tire coming off during a fast descent in hot weather. Less dramatic, I think, than the one yesterday in the 16th stage. The 2003 wreck effectively ended the career of Beloki, a promising up-and-comer whose leg was broken in two places by the crash that was dramatic, at least from appearances, chiefly by Lance Armstrong deftly riding around, then taking a shortcut over a field. A cheater to the core--why it is that they allowed him to remain in the race with no penalty, I'll never know.


If there are any other TDF fans out there, curious to know if they share my opinion that Froome is on the juice. I'm rooting for Quintana.