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Hi fellow tradsters,

A few days ago I posted on the forum asking where european tradsters got their threads:

A fellow community member suggested that I instead travel to the states and consider the plane ticket part of the expense of buying new clothes. Seeing how I got really frustrated being unable to find any Ivy style clothes in Vienna or its surroundings, I decided to book me a ticket to Washington DC for March 6th. I will be staying with my brother for 2 weeks, which should give me enough time to catch up with him, but to also check out a few shops and revamp my wardrobe.

My question to you is which american trad / ivy shops, other than J. Press and Brooks Brothers, in the DC area would you recommend? Even though I have never done it, I don't mind checking out thrift shops either.

Thanks so much! Looking forward to your suggestions!


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There isn’t that much here. But do check Wm Fox. Consider a train ticket to Philadelphia (Boyd’s) or NYC.

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Sterling & Burke, Georgetown. Allen Edmonds (probably multiple locations). And find yourself an Alden dealer since Brooks isn't restocking theirs anytime soon.

I would also recommend ordering from places like O'Connell's & Ben Silver (or even eBay) closer to your departure date (*note their return policy/dates). Send them to your brothers place & return what you dont want before leaving. ~$15 shipping/return is cheaper than making the trip to Buffalo/Charleston. If you're unsure your sizing, order multiples. This will leave you more time to see family & a beautiful city like DC instead of wasting it shopping...if you're lucky the cherry blossoms will be out before you leave.


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If you like Alden shoes, it's worth stopping in the Alden store on F St.

Georgetown has become like a colonial-themed outdoor mall for clothes shopping. All the big brands are there, more than any mall that I know of. The Ralph Lauren store is a good one. The Brooks Brothers is a weak -- go to the one downtown. Most tourists want to check out Georgetown anyway, so do that and check out the clothes, but I agree with New Old Stock about wasting time shopping in DC -- when there's so much else to see and do.

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I travel to DC several times a year, and like those above state, it is not a Mecca for men’s wear. J. Press, I usually visit for the aesthetic of the shop, but can’t bring myself to pay their prices, and the big BBs is the same as big BBs elsewhere. I sometimes check out Nordstrom’s basement, but have never purchased from them.
My favorite space in the city is the Peacock Room at the Freer Gallery. It is worth a visit because you are allowed to sit in this amazing space for as long as you like.