Trying to save my shoes

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by goldfilm, Feb 8, 2019.

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    I've been too careless and I have the feeling it's too late. Do you think there's any chance to save these shoes? First 5 pics are before and last five are after I cleaned, heated, massaged, moisturized and polished them. Any chance, any recommendation?
  2. eagle2250

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    Those shoes are but well broken in and they should have a fair amount of life left in them. However, you would be well served by keeping shoe trees in them whenever they are not on your feet, moisturize them, as necessary and polish them regularly! If you properly care for your shoes, they will serve you well. ;)
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  3. SG_67

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    Continue to condition the leather monthly or bimonthly depending on how often you wear them, get shoe trees and check the soles for wear.

    Otherwise, you’ve done all that you can. Wear them and enjoy them.
  4. Andy

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    Questions! Are they correct size? And how long have you had them?
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  5. JBierly

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    They are definitely a bit worn. Your attempt at reconditioning was noble (and certainly helped the appearance). I would add that some new laces would help too. They are certainly wearable where as before - well you said it - can they be saved?! I think if you are wearing nicer clothes you probably can do better for foot wear. For more casual wear they look decent. Good job cleaning them up.
  6. Fraser Tartan

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    It appears that you may have used a neutral shoe cream or neutral shoe polish from what I can see. The nicks and creases would blend in bettter if filled in with colored shoe cream that matches each of those shoes.

    I think Andy is on to something about the fit. The creasing of these shoes is spread across a larger than average amount of the vamp. Shoes that don't fit well can develop unusual creasing.
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  7. damon54

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    How much heat are we talking here? Hair dryer or heat gun?
  8. challer

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    What is wrong with them? As long as the lining is intact and they sole is good, they are fine. calf shoes crease like this over time. Saphir colorant might be useful. I recommend they be sent to Nick V for new soles and reconditioning. They'll come back like new, other than creasing.
  9. Adriel Rowley

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    What happened to the pictures?

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