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Oliver skin, dark brown hair (usually quite short)'s spring/summer here in the UK at the moment.
Without seeing you, my best guess then be an Autumn. Going by that, apricot, warm beige, cream, maybe forest green, gold, light green, maybe lime green when feeling bold, mustard, olive, maybe a periwinkle, pumpkin, terra cotta, salmon, maybe jade green (not sure enough contrast and harmony), moss green. Being your low contrast, can have more contrast in your clothing (I'm low contrast and look terrible in a black suit and white shirt).

If you want, I have found a few of the difficult to find colors aforementioned if need links.

See now about texture. Good thought, being a courser texture the rest also be nice if has texture (as no satin shirts and smooth worsteds). Chambray, end on end, and linen be my thought for Summer, anyone else think of other Summer shirts with appearance of texture?

Winter shits and easy, brushed and flannel. I have worn yarn died solid and plaid flannel with corduroy sport coat in Winter.

Hope this helps.
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