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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by kali77, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. kali77

    kali77 Active Member with Corp. Privileges

  2. kali77

    kali77 Active Member with Corp. Privileges



    (Note: I cropped this down because it was huge - you want no more than 800 pixels of width so that we don't get Horizontal scrollbars :) - Chuck)
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  3. Doctor Damage

    Doctor Damage Connoisseur

    I would be very proud to appear in public like that, very nice!
    Note neighbourhood kid on skateboard in rear...you're missing a chance to learn something, kid!
  4. kali77

    kali77 Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    That is my son's friend. They are having a great time!

  5. pt4u67

    pt4u67 Honors Member

    The cut of the suit is very nice and I like the triangular knot. Overall very well proportioned.
  6. Wayfarer

    Wayfarer Honors Member<br>P-Bomb

    United States
    Kali, the outfit is smashing. Everything is obviously top quality and fits you extremely well. I love the collar (shark fin?). My only minor criticism, and this is 100% personal taste so keep that in mind, is that for some reason I am not yet a fan of the extra bold pinstriping or chalk striping as I have heard it called. Maybe I am just not fashion forward enough and will grow to like it over the next few years :)

    I would be proud to be seen in public with you dressed so well however.

    Warmest regards
  7. pendennis

    pendennis Senior Member

    United States
    My only disagreement is the striped shirt with the bold-striped suit. A little too busy for my taste. However, you are very well turned out.
  8. Chuck Franke

    Chuck Franke Advanced Member

    Brown suede is a favorite of mine, I pretty much use them to step on every rule regarding brown suede shoes as a matter of fact!

    Nice outfit, thanks for sharing. Corneliani makes a nice silhouette for you darned thin people.
  9. Acct2000

    Acct2000 Connoisseur - Moderator

    United States
    The tie knot and collar spread are a little too much for my taste, but really only a little.

    Your outfit is nice. I think there is enough of a difference between the shirt and the suit to have both of them be striped.
  10. EL72

    EL72 Super Member

    Very nice suit - I love Corneliani. Please share if you'd like where it's from, the type of fabric...

    Only quibble I have is the tie knot is too large (I would do a half-windsor) and the lack of pocket square. A smashing outfit otherwise, well done!
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