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They look great when the shoe is new or in excellent, well kept condition. I don't think they look as appealing with age and the resultant pulling of the leather in ways that don't keep the eyelets uniformly straight. The wife and daughter agreed with this line of thought. My son liked them even on my used pair. Just our humble opinions.


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I like the look a lot, kind of retro, very American.
The toe medallion on those is great. I think the eyelets here harmonize with the shoe because it has a lot of busy and not too delicate brogueing. The metal eyelets might stand out more on a plain shoe, like on the BB plain blucher. Also, I know a lot of special order Alden runs for boots, people specify blind eyelets for a cleaner look. I like both.


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I don't like the metal eyelets. They just make the shoe too casual. That shoe is a balmoral, and then brogued "to Valhalla and back", the eyelets add an additional layer of "informality".

I would prefer this shoe without metal.

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In general I prefer blind eyelets, but the exposed metal does not look out of place on the linked shoe. I must say I find most Aldens rather brutal and unrefined. For some purposes that can be charming--indeed I am considering a pair of Aldens for my next casual shoes.


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I have the shoes in both #8 and black, and don't mind the metal eyelets, but I find that I prefer my heavier double-soled longwings. I rarely wear the BB wingtips anymore.


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I like the overall shoe design but, certainly agree that the metal eyelets take away from the final impression. I would pass on those for a design, sans the metal eyelets.


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'ask the man that owns one'

lousy pic, they're not that light, but you get the idea - I like em