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The English equivalent of Aden's PTB and they look like a brand new version of my 45+ year old Allen Edmond's shell cordovan Leeds. In later years AE redisigned the Toe Box of their Leeds, making it narrower, and ruined the design, for me at least. However, my old friends continue to serve me well! May you long wear those shoes and may you do so only in good health. ;)

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These shoes are my holy grail. I will be travelling to DC in April with a budget of around $3000-3500 to amp up my wardrobe (ocbds, blazers, trousers, etc.) and hopefully I'll be able to clinch a pair!
You might want to reach out to the store now as (and this is just me saying it, I don't know the store's policy) they might be willing to hold your size aside for you (and/or order it in from another store now if they don't currently have it) if they know you are coming and that you want that model in your size.

In the NYC Alden store, they carry a lot, but not everything in every size, so checking in with the Washington store now might help you. Good luck / have a great trip.