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Is inseam the length?? I'm confused why so many of you are using that word. When i look at jeans/shoes, all i look is the 2 numbers such as 32/30 which is the waist size and length. Or is inseam the same thing as lenght??

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If you wear 32/30 pants, 30" is the length of the inseam, not the total length of the pants. The inseam is the seam that runs from the hem of the pants up to the crotch, ie. the inner leg measurement.

You and I are roughly the same height and take the same inseam on our pants.


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Read me again, I never said it did. I said, "Height has nothing to do with it" (i.e. trouser length), inside leg measurement is what matters.
I think he was partially agreeing with you, subject to the qualification in his next sentence. Perhaps had his period been a comma... Or had he started off with "It is true that..." Read him again and see what you think.


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Height has nothing to do with it, inside leg measurement is what matters. I'm 6' and I wear a 30" leg, sometimes a 32" depending on cut and style. Whereas my very leggy Swedish wife who is 5'11" has a 36" inside leg. "72 inches of therapy" as Julia Roberts expressed it in Pretty Woman, while nekkid in the tub with RG! ;)
Sorry, and with all due respect, but I just lost all interest in discussing clothing! Other images keep running through my mind. :)


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5'7" and I always have my pants tailored because 30" (the shortest inseam most brands offer) is too long for my liking.

Every brand will fit differently though, for example I don't wear Ralph Lauren pants or shorts because even if I have them altered so the inseam is shorter, the crotch area (whatever it's called) is always too baggy, like it's made for someone with a 12" shlong going commando, and baggy pants look ridiculous on anyone over the age of 16.

Edit: I think it's good to have all your nice pants tailored anyway so you can get the exact length you want that works with your height and your shoes. The issue about the pants being perfect for laceups and too short for loafers isn't a big deal because loafers are casual anyway, so it doesn't matter if a sliver of sock or ankle is showing.
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Later. She's got one on her facebook of when she was about 16 (about 1980), standing next to a shortish female friend in a kitchen in a summer house both in very short shorts and her comment about herself is, "even then I had legs that ended where most other people have armpits" ;)

Keep dreaming guys! ;)