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However, I'm curious if our younger members toy with wearing a no-break length trouser, or even something more 'high-water' from time to time, if the situation calls for it.

Never crossed my mind (I'm 28).

What I find particularly outrageous about this "style" is that it is often described as "Italian style". As an Italian citizen, I can assure that no serious tailor in Italy would hem your trousers with no break; more importantly, they would never let you out of their workshop with trousers which do not touch the back of the shoe, 1cm above the heel.

This look, which I personally loathe more than pineapple on pizza, seems instead the only way British tailors are able to hem trousers. Since I live in UK I have resigned to have trousers hemmed by my wife (even if this means longer turnaround), as every alteration tailor I met was adamant in making silly short hems.

(For the records, I'm 5'9'' and my trousers need to be 32'' (with slanted hem) in length)


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Never crossed my mind (I'm 28).
Appreciate you providing your pov!
which I personally loathe more than pineapple on pizza
Have to agree with you here. I love pineapple, but never on pizza. Plus, we Italians would likely get our nationality stripped from us if we at a pizza with pineapple on it :pic12337:


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I was once 6’ but am now, at age 70, 5’10”. Since high school I’ve had a 29” inseam and worn my trousers with no break. This leads me to conclude that my settlement has occurred in my hips and spine.

I’m ok with ham and pineapple on my pizza but prefer plain cheese.


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While I'm 5'11'', I have gained in girth over the past 20 years. I used to wear a 34 at times in length when I was a 30-32 waist. Now with a 39 waist, I'm barely a 31. I have no particular insight for this except that it seems to be true with me.

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I would imagine folks here are about as excited to read my stats as I am to read their's, but for the record...

I am not sure of my inseam.
I yank on a new pair of pants, stand in front of a full-length mirror, sideways and in stocking feet, holding a yard stick to the floor while rolling up the bottoms until they are 2 1/4' from the floor, then mark. This is a personal measurement. It ensures when shod that the pant, no matter what the rise or fabric, will always fall at the same precise point, pant after pant, which is with a slight break. Quite slight. About half the time, after drawing the horizontal line at the mark, I will mark up 1/2" at the front and down 1/2" at the rear, to create a slanted cuff.

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And might I point out to our Italian and Italian-American friends that you lost the patent on pizza sometime back, around the time this country was discovered (Columbus or Mussolini, I get my Italians mixed up) and might have kept it longer if you'd spelled it correctly and since peetsa has been in the public domain few have been made tastier than with ham and pineapple, the True Hawaiian. Columbus would have loved it, munching away while making the trains run on time.


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Depending on the brand, I kind of oscillate between 32/32 and 32/34.

I'm 6'1".

I hope you're going to plot all these responses and crunch a best fit to get an equation.

Serious trousers (like those from suits, and dress trousers generally) I always have tailored anyway, so I imagine those are "true inseam", but I don't really know that exact number (and I'm too lazy to check right now... apologies!)

Off course, one must be wary of "vanity" sizing; I see this in jeans a lot (where I usually have a 34" inseam). I kind of have a private ambition to never allow my waist size to exceed my inseam, so I tend to "prefer" thinking "32/34" than "32/32".