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I snagged a pair off ebay and they just came in today. While I love the fit and the material, I'm utterly disappointed with the colour. I thought they would be a light grey but it turns out they are a light greyish blue—one of my least favourite colours. Its basically the same colour that a lot of chambray trousers come in. Anyway I won't bother sending them back I'd rather just give them a chance at this point (they're still great trousers).

But what kind of shirt to wear with them? I think a sports shirt (button down collar) makes more sense but beyond that determination I'm stuck. A white OCBD won't do since doubling up on oxford cloth is probably a bit goofy. Nor do I think any blue pinpoint/broadcloth button down shirts will work (light blue, french blue, all the various versions of blue and white stripes). What are my options?

Charles Dana

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What shirts? White linen and white seersucker.

(Because you are “utterly disappointed” with the color of the trousers—but you “love the fit and the material”—why not see if you can have a tailor copy the trousers using an Oxford cloth fabric in a color you do like? If that is not feasible, get rid of the trousers. Ruthlessly and decisively. There’s no point in keeping a garment that you don’t like. You might as well learn that sooner rather than later.)