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I live in Northern California and wear must iron OCBDs just about everyday to work. If it’s really warm I have a few poplin plaids one relief duty.

The past few summers I’ve circled a few linens but never pulled the trigger. I’ve purchased madras and seersucker but ended up returning them as I didn’t feel a 3 month shirt has a role in my line up.

Do you keep summerfabrics in your shirt roster or do you stick with the more common Poplin, Oxford, Twill rotation?


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Linen all the time. DC is a swamp with ungodly heat and humidity. Linen is a lifesaver. My shirts are all MTM. Kennedy dealers have access to the Mason gold series of linen which is very good. The London Lounge has an extraordinary linen collection. Proper Cloth has a few linen blends.


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I have several linen shirts hanging in the closet, but frankly I wear almost nothing but vented, blousen pocketed fishing shirts and collared knit polo shirts during the warmer months (and we average about 8 to 9 such months, per year)! ;)

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I like 100% linen the first time I wear a brand new one, but I hate all the wrinkles and find I never really stick with them throughout the summer.

I prefer a linen/cotton blend. I think they wear a lot more comfortably during the day, especially if you are wearing them to the office, and they wash up and are much easier to iron than 100% linen. Madras is great too and once we hit about late-June they get heavy rotation in my wardrobe.

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I live in the Northeast and most of my shirts are good year-round.
I make up the difference in the weather with my outerwear and other layers.

I have some OCBD's of heavier fabric that get more use in the winter, and some shirts in lighter-weight pinpoint and royal Oxford that get more use in the summer.

I also have a few linen shirts, for summer days when I'm not wearing a tie and don't mind looking like an unmade bed :D

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I'd embrace the 3-month shirt & get some seersucker, gingham, & madras. Since you're comfortable with OCBDs, I'd also recommend Pinpoint oxfords. And some crisp end-on-end shirts for more formal occasions.
I haven't bought a linen shirt myself, its not the wrinkles so much as the drape of the fabric I dont like. Some broadcloths are made so thin now that they aren't that bad in the dead of summer.