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A very handsome watch design, for sure! :cool:
Thank you, sir.

I picked it up several years ago as my "dress" watch, before realizing that such a thing should be slimmer, simpler, more elegant, and on a leather strap.
I have that now (will get a shot next time I attend a formal-ish event with it on.)
The Ti Eco-Drive is a favorite, along with the Khaki Field mechanical. But with hide straps on other watches to match most of my shoes and belts, I find I don't get opportunity to wear it much anymore. Usually in casual situations with black chelseas and a plain belt. Like today.
They say metal goes with everything except formal attire, so I do put it on, on occasion, just because I want to.

Side note: About the same time I bought this one (perhaps some six years ago now) my wife got me a Seiko solar. Blue face, tan leather strap. I loved that watch, too, and simply alternated the two for a while. Kept them both on the night stand, next to each other, to grab the most appropriate one on a given day. After just under 2 years, the Seiko stopped keeping time. The Citizen has been going strong, has been attractive, functional, hassle-free and robust, so now there are a couple others in my rotation.


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And now for something a little different - a wooden watch. Watch body and links are made from zebrawood. It's ultralight to wear.
Bought it in San Diego last fall. It's now my daily go to watch.
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