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As someone who has flirted with this forum for a number of years I recently signed up and have found the collective's interventions to be incredibly illuminating and helpful.

I am ready to take the plunge and go bespoke but am budget conscious and keen on quality! So I am definitely shopping ex-Saville Row and although I am London based I am not adverse to traveling for the right deal.

I am interested in both suits and shirts and welcome your thoughts on prospective tailors.

From my research thus far, I am considering Aprile-Smith, Andrew Musson, Connock and Lockie, Sims and Macdonald and Lukes bespoke but remain open to other tailors and look forward to your views and comment on these and more.

In anticipation, I thank you.


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I know the thread is 3yrs old, but I buy bespoke clothing from Tom James (NY), JLClothiers and my friend introduced me to his Thailand connection (Thai Square Fashion). Tom James may have a London location, I know JLClothers is based solely in NY. Unsure about Thai Square as I'm waiting to conduct business with them in October when they visit NY. Assuming they would stop in London.
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