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Me: Kappa Alpha Order

Wife: Delta Delta Delta at my old school. College sweethearts in case you didn't guess.

Our oldest son: Kappa Alpha Order at my old school.
Our middle son: Phi Kappa Tau at another school
Our youngest son: Alph Tau Omega at another school


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Way back when I was a brand new freshman at Penn State, I signed up for the Rush and was extended invitations to pledge for a couple of the fraternities on campus, but I felt compelled to decline. Perhaps it was the exaggerated and exclusionary social stratification, perhaps it was the drinking and debauchery witnessed at the Rush parties, or perhaps I was naught but a low class snob trying to make a point. In any event, it was just not my cup of tea, so to speak. Consequently, I have had to depend on membership in our Alumni Association for my social and professional networking opportunities, post graduation (LOL). However, I am happy to hear that it was such a positive experience for so many herein! ;)