Who picks out your clothes?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by mikel, Apr 2, 2018.

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    I've always struggled to find casual OTR clothing that fits me well.

    The clothing is either too tight in some areas, or way too loose & baggy.

    For this reason, I've never asked nor wanted my wife to shop for clothing on my behalf. On the occasions that she thoughtfully did, I inevitably wind up having to return or exchange the items.

    The only exception to this has been shoes, but I'm finding myself wanting to pick-out my own shoes more and more in recent years.

    While buying MTM or Bespoke clothing can help, there are still not that many options for MTM or Bespoke casual clothing (i.e. denim jeans, button-up short sleeve shirts). Tailoring is an option as well, but it can be rather expensive, especially for casual clothing.

    Thank goodness for spandex/lycra/elastane, because at least now I can find clothes that not only fit me better, but are exponentially more comfortable to wear.

    I was talking to my friend Ben (who is Youtuber in the UK) about this recently while at the Menfulential Conference in Atlanta, and we thought it would be fun to have Ben put together a video about this very topic.

    Here's the companion article:

    Do you pick out your own clothes? Or do you have your wife/partner/S.O. pick them out for you?
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  2. London380sl

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    Totally pick my own :)
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  3. Dcr5468

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    Anything my wife picks out sits in the closet or end up at Goodwill. She is very stylish but completely clueless when it comes to timeless menswear.

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    The way sizing is these days, it is hard enough for me to pick my own clothes out. Used to have a nice system, but with HSM and Hickey Freeman harder to find, Brooks Brothers making inferior products, and everyone else going slim fit - getting harder even if you know what you like.
  5. JBierly

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    I pick my own clothing.
  6. mikel

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    @mrkleen I couldn't agree with you more.

    @Dcr5468 do you have any guidelines that you follow as it pertains to picking out timeless pieces? Or is that a bit more subjective?
  7. Tod Hackett

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    I've only known three women who truly knew how to pick-out clothing for me.

    My mother until about age 14 or so.

    Tara at the Polo Ralph Lauren store at Georgetown Park when I was in grad-school.

    My ex-wife who, despite being a "Gucci Girl" really had a perfect a sense of what suited me and my personal style.

    The rest? Utter flops...
  8. SG_67

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    I’ll pick out my own. Head to toe.
  9. Flanderian

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    My mommy.

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  10. Jgarner197

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    I allowed my then girlfriend (now wife) to pick out some new additions to the wardrobe for me when we first started dating. That was a mistake as it was almost 2k blown at Nordstrom. I think I only have 2 pairs of jeans. The rest of the stuff is sitting in the closet or I “secretly” donated. That was the first and LAST time I make that mistake. I have always done my own thing and other than that one experience will continue to pick my own. :)

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