Why are neckties so skinny these days?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by steve12, May 16, 2019.

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    Not Flanderian, but I will give you my 2 cents. There should be some concordance between the two but it's not a rigid rule. I think if you keep it within a half inch or so it's a non issue. Anything greater than or equal to an inch will start to look off. You probably will be fine with 3 1/4. It's really common sense - things either look right or they don't.
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    3 1/4 is a nice spot especially for a 38 to 40 inch jacket size. Bigger guys should go a little bigger. Nothing looks more stupid than these skinny suits and skinny ties on big guys.
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    IMO, far and away the best resource in the market is samhober.com. David will customize your tie, and he has an amazing range of fabrics.
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    Not only am I Flanderian, I am the Flanderian! :crazy:

    If it looks good, wear it.

    From my experience, a tie's width should harmonize in general both with the width of the lapel and also that of the wearer. I.e., a 250 pound linebacker in a skinny tie looks silly, and 125 pound guy in a 4 1/2" tie looks equally silly, irrespective of what width their lapels might be.
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    One of the things to consider is that many companies like Robert Talbott, Robert Jensen and more make their ties in Italy. Italy does not do American measure! The closest they come to the traditional 3 1/4 is 8cm.
    As a retailer I can tell you that while it is not a huge difference if you are looking a 1 tie..... it was really noticeable when you put a group of them side by side in the store!

    As far as the really skinny ties - those are really for the modern slim/trim fit suits which have the narrow lapels that are the same width .

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