Why Does Online Made to Measure Fail So Often?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Rollo, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Rollo

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    Good point. People satisfied rarely complain or even take the time to express satisfaction.

    Still, there are forums with dedicated threads to certain ATM companies and even there I don't see stellar work too often.
  2. Charles Dana

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    Good suggestion for a new thread. Let's see if we can wrap our brains around that one.
  3. Shaver

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    "Just Got My Wedding Brain Back From The Lobotomist - How Does It Look?"
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  4. Charles Dana

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    Still too many creases in the cerebrum. But I think a little lift in the hippocampus will solve it.
  5. Flanderian

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    Examine their business model. They are in the business of making money, not clothing.

    Instead of asking why on-line MTM fails, ask yourself why does a business that spends more on advertising than making clothing, dependent upon the grossly ignorant and incompetent (The purchaser!) for very specific and nuanced measurements, sent to and cobbled together by lowest common denominator slave labor unconcerned with quality and determined to wring every penny they can from the production process fail.

    I wonder?

    Edit: Oh! In case you take offense as to the generalized characterization of "grossly ignorant and incompetent" how many times have we been entreated by the woebegone to explain why their just tried on clothing looks like s*** when they've carefully explained that they want it as tight and short as possible. Look no further than a thorough lack of understanding of how it should look and should fit

    While I enjoy shopping for some things on-line, my "training" all occurred when a decent salesman and tailor wouldn't let you leave the store in something awful. If faced with some of the stated preferences I've read here, a poor salesman might respond, "Can't help you, we don't dress clowns!" A good salesman would tell you the same thing, but differently, and you'd learn something and have a fighting chance of walking out with good looking clothing that fit and flattered you.
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  6. EclecticSr.

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    The temporal lobes would benefit from a bit of tucking as well.
  7. StephenRG

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    Even B&M surgeries have their pitfalls, though:
  8. derum

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    Generally it’s because people don’t know how to measure themselves correctly.
  9. mrkleen

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    I have had great luck with Proper Cloth for shirts, but agree MTM gets more challenging as you get more complex than a shirt.

    My first shirt was off and it was because my own measurements were off. I then mailed them my best fitting shirt, they measured it themselves and locked those into a template. And I have since ordered 25 shirts over 8 years and all have fit great and been made with less than a few mm of variance.
  10. paxonus

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    I've been thinking of trying Luxire for a shirt. From looking at various fit photos I've seen posted elsewhere, the single biggest problem is shirts, as well as pants, being too tight. I don't think I have ever seen a photo of a Luxire product that is too loose. I doubt this is the fault of Luxire. More likely, the customer is expecting clothing that fits the current trend of being very close fitting. Also, using body measurements is fraught with peril. Much better to use measurements from a well-fitting shirt.

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