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Paulie M is a damn good analyst, fwiw.

I notice that the jacket does not appear too tight.
I've been watching fights and listening to fight announcers for over 60 years, and Paulie is one of the best. His commentary is insightful but colorful, candid and highly intelligent, and he doesn't hype the action. I've listened to him doing fights on Showtime many times. I particularly remember watching a fight he was doing with Al Bernstein and Steve Farhood, and thinking, gee, it just doesn't get any better than this! Three guys who truly know the sport and report what's really happening without any bombast or BS. Even better than Cosell, who was a great fight announcer.

And he was an elegant welterweight! Beautiful boxing skills and speed. The only thing he lacked was a big punch.

Compared to many sports figures who present themselves on TV dressed liked clowns, whenever I've seen Malignaggi on showtime he's been well dressed in beautifully fitting suits.


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Thank you for yet another example of the rich history of well-dressed tough guys. Some of the best-dressed, most stylish men have always been gangsters, Police Detectives, etc.

More modern opinions aside, taking pride in presenting one's self well fits into what's become known as the "Type A" personality. The idea that dressing well is a sign a foppishness or effemininity has been spread by dumpy slobs.


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It's sometimes a bit of a surprise and always a pleasure to see athletes wear rigs that fit them well and with Paulie M, he has an incredible sense of men's style to top it all off! ;)