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I'm not against them at all, but take a look at Filson or Red Oxx totes for more "manly" options.


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We have 8 in our house. 2 for each person, one extra large one medium. They have either initials or names on them. Great for the pool, packing for beach trips, carrying books to the library, etc. We use the extra large size as luggage for car trips. I don't carry them on a daily basis.

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I bet we have ten of those things laying around the house. My mom buys a few when we take a beach vacation every now and then. Some have names embroidered on them, some are plain. If they are loaded up with beach junk and pool supplies, I don't see the problem. In fact, the plain undyed canvas ones with brown handles look like any other heavy-duty canvas bag to haul junk around in. Would I walk around town carrying one? I don't think so. Not because of any "girlie" look, but because I don't normally walk around with a bag of any sort. If I saw someone carrying one I'd just think they needed a heavy-duty tote to haul some stuff around. Well, if it was a guy and he had the straps on his shoulder and was carrying a Chihuahua in a pink sweater, I might think something was up. :)

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I often see dignified-looking men in suits, riding the train with a slender leather briefcase and an overstuffed tote. They usually carry them both with the same hand. I guess the idea is that the briefcase is for meetings or something. I do sometimes see them with just totes, but this is rarer. It's not something I ever saw growing up, but I didn't have much exposure to public transport until recently. I'm wondering if this is a New England thing.

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A suit?

There's no decision to be made. It's this or whatever I need to carry stays where it is:



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I travel with a navy one with yellow and navy "rep" handles. It was dirt cheap at the outlet, takes a beating, and has the top zipper.

I plan on purchasing more.

Side note- LL Bean has new monogramming options if you're into that sort of thing.

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(L.L. Bean, Summer 1966)
Katon, your work with retro sources and obscure materials is second to none. Thanks for the retrogram. I wonder if they look anything like that today? Seems like the sides are different and the handles are longer.

BTW, what are you people carrying in these things? I rarely need to carry much, and I've even given up on my cherished leather briefcase since I so rarely have to carry papers about anymore. I just have one far-less-than-Trad canvas laptop bag for travels. The TSA likes it as it splits in two and they can see the whole thing on X-ray.
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