Would you consider dressing BETTER Than Your Boss?

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Robert Collier, Jul 11, 2018.

Would you consider dressing BETTER than your boss?

  1. No; I Want That Promotion!

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  2. Sure; it's Not My Fault I Know About Clothes Than He Does

  3. I'm retired

  4. I'm self-employed

  5. I work from home

  6. Umm...my boss is a woman...

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  1. Hebrew Barrister

    Hebrew Barrister Senior Member

    United States
    This. Some badly dressed types really don't even think about clothing, so they aren't likely to even notice the difference unless you're showing up in a 3 piece suit and they're in cargo shorts and a tank top.

    Some might take the view "I can wear comfortable crap BECAUSE I'm the boss" and be happy you show up looking nice.

    And some might see it as a threat.
  2. Clintotron

    Clintotron Senior Member

    United States
    Lake Charles
    I’ve never met my boss, nor seen photos of him, but I’m willing to bet that I will be my best-dressed when/if we do meet.

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  3. fishertw

    fishertw Super Member

    United States
    North Carolina
    A little off the subject but I DID dress better than my boss. We did, however, once attend a conference where we were presenting a topic together and both showed up that morning wearing POW suits with light blue overchecks. I think is was his only suit. At the outset, (and we were among friends) he announced. "Well folks, you now know that Tom and I both do own a suit". It got good laughs.
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  4. medhat

    medhat Super Member

    United States
    Although it may sound semantic, I didn't have an issue dressing better than my boss(es), but it wasn't with the intent to dress better than them. (frankly, I have a lot better taste, amongst other things). But I guess I would take issue with the idea of someone dressing simply to show up someone else, and this wouldn't necessarily have to be a boss or superior. Many/most folks on the Forum seem to stand behind the statement, "I dress mostly for myself". Well, this is putting their money (literally, unfortunately!) where their mouths are.
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  5. JLibourel

    JLibourel Honors Member and King Fop

    United States
    Long Beach
    During my final years of working, while I was editor of Gun World, I dressed far better than all the other male employees of the company I worked for. I think I was regarded by my co-workers more as an eccentric old man than as any sort of threat.
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  6. Adelantado

    Adelantado New Member

    United States
    El Paso
    I wouldn't just consider it, I do it on a daily basis...
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  7. eagle2250

    eagle2250 Connoisseur/Curmudgeon Emeritus - Moderator

    Harmony, FL
    United States
    I really never gave any thought of dressing better than my boss(es), but I guess I did, because that certainly seemed to be the way things turned out. LOL :(
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  8. MNJ83

    MNJ83 Active Member with Corp. Privileges

    United States
    To me the obvious answer is to never deliberately dress better than your boss,

    But on the other hand, as standards fall and fall, you could be potentially dressing better than your boss by just ironing your shirt, so it’s a hard call. A while back I noticed that my boss had gone from wearing suits daily to mostly wearing slacks with a tie and a down filled vest (vomiting emoji), so I started wearing suits 2x a week only and slacks/sports coats without ties the rest of the time, but to be honest I am still better dressed than him with a sports coat and no tie than that awful down vest/tie combo he wears.
  9. Flanderian

    Flanderian Connoisseur

    United States
    New Jersey
    And if this guy's your boss? :D

  10. Acct2000

    Acct2000 Connoisseur - Moderator

    United States
    There are probably degrees to this. If your boss and your company doesn't wear coats (or especially ties - - to some people ties seem to be a political statement of some kind - - I disagree, but it's out there.) it may not be a good idea to wear them unless there is a logical reason to.

    Wearing nicer suits or ties (or ones that fit better, etc.) would not be such a problem if that is what the boss does and/or is the company norm. I would be careful about saying anything that denigrates what the others are doing or calling extra attention to the fact you are better dressed. Just do it (if it fits with company norms.)

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