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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Thomas Martin, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Thomas Martin

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    Having been a devoted 501 wearer for almost 25 years their quality doesn't really satisfie me anymore. Their not really consitent in shape, width and lenght anymore an seem to shrink much more after washing than in previous years. I guess they're not fabricated in the States anymore, but in various other eastern contries which may account for the quality variations.

    So I began to look for alternatives. Right now my favourite jeans is the Edwin ED 47 rainbow selvage in unwashed dry denim. These are really high quality basic jeans in heavy 14oz cotton in a slightly narrower shape than the 501's. I'm really excited about these.

    What's your jeans of choice?
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  2. sbdivemaster

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    I've been wearing Levi's 505 (#05050217) for decades. I only buy the rigid indigo (unwashed, no chemicals), and they last much longer than any of the prewashed. They've been making them in Mexico for the last several years, but it beats China. I haven't noticed any change in the shape or cut, and they actually seem to shrink less these days than they used to. Hmmm...

    I buy two pairs of the 505's at the beginning of every year, put one pair in rotation immediately; the other pair goes into rotation in July. (No really, I'm not OCD or anything. heh) My regular source for the 505's has upped the price in the last few months - from $27 to $38 - so, I've been looking around to see if I can find anything USA-made that is comparable. I've seen the new USA-made Levi Selvedge Jeans, but at $180, they're a little rich for my blood. But, at $350, the Edwin's are astronomically out of my league. :eek2:

    For 2012, I'm going to go with the 505 rigids again, but really take some time to look around for a replacement.
  3. smujd

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    I have some Rogue Territory Stantons on their way. Will report back upon their arrival. I am hopeful.
  4. CuffDaddy

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    This made me laugh.
  5. lbv2k

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    Owings Mills
    LOL. Mr CD is on to something and I know it. He doesn't wear jeans:smile:
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  6. PMRuby

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    I recently bought a second pair of AG protege's because i liked the first one so much.
  7. tocqueville

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    Bonobos just started selling jeans. US-made with Cone denim. They have sales.
  8. CAG

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    Eddie Bauer.
  9. PMRuby

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    My experience with Bonobos has been very, very good with one exception - the first run of their new products. They've struck me as kind of like a computer company - they trot out a new product before all the kinks are worked out. Everything's always fit well, I've just had durability issues when I've been an early buyer of a new product (this has happened w/ their very early corduroy and twice more since, so it's not a one-time thing). I love the company, how they operate, and the product... but I'm going to wait 6 months before I buy a pair of their jeans.
  10. WouldaShoulda

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    Your body is changing too.

    And it's saying, "I don't like jeans any more!!"


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