Your favourite jeans brand and style

Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Thomas Martin, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Now you made me laugh. Is pretty obvious, that you don't like and wear jeans. That's perfectly OK for me. But, with all due respect, stating, that (all) jeans are a low quality garment because it was originally designed for practical purposes and industrially produced (like most dress pants) is ridiculous. But then, how could you appreciate a high quality screwdriver if you don't turn in screws? I'm no native english speaker so I may not be able to eloquently put it as you but when I was speaking of "basic jeans" I was merely referring to it's basic design (straight leg, no skinny or baggy stuff, no flashy stitching or anything else).

    It's wasn't my intention to compare jeans to dress pants (I have quite a collection of fine suits and high quality dress pants myself) but merely speaking of quality differences of one jeans brand compared to another and I can assure you that there are such, based on almost 35 years of experience of wearing jeans.
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    Personally, my favorite pairs of jeans have to be some older (read: US made) Levis, and a pair from Texas Jeans. I have a friend who really digs the 'quality denim' scene, but I'm not going to pay the prices for something that was originally intended for workwear, and will eventually find its way into my rotation for workwear.

    So in short:
    Favorite Brand: Levis (pre-outsourcing)/ Texas Jeans
    Favorite Style: Trim cut, regular rise, heavy-weight. The darker the blue, the better.
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    LOL. Cowboys and 'aged-out' NFL Quarterbacks who should be wise enough to stay retired! ;)
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    I tried on some Lucky Brand jeans this weekend, almost picked up 3 pair, but stuck with one. We'll see how they do after a break in and a wash. They swear up and down they will not shrink. They run anywhere from $70-120 a pair, at least from the 3 pair I tried on. I stuck with a straight leg, but I typically wear a boot cut. The straight leg has a decent sized leg opening.
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    I've been very pleased with Lucky when made in the USA. I'm not wild about their jeans made in Mexico.
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    To my own surprise, Levi 559s. They fit me better than any other jeans I've tried on in the last 5 years.
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    I just noticed that Filson's selling selvage jeans for $198. Believe it or not, that's a decent price for Cone Mills selvage.

    That said, I've yet to be convinced that there's any reason to pay extra for selvage. The Bonobos jeans use Cone Mills regular denim, hence it's more modest price. I think my next jeans will be Bonobos, if I can catch it at a good sale price.
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    APC, no doubt.

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