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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Thomas Martin, Nov 30, 2011.

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    I don't know anything about denim (selvedge, things like that), and I usually only have one pair of jeans, so I just want a pretty versatile, day to night (ie. as dark blue as possible), comfortable jean. I'm unwilling to do things like soak in a bathtub in new jeans, or never wash them, or any of the other self-inflicted mortifications common to the denim connoisseur.

    Thus caveated, my current favorite are Paige jeans, specifically their dark blue, straight leg jean (Google tells me it's called the Doheny Warhol; I think mine if an earlier version, but that's pretty similar). No crazy embroidery, a very dark blue, and extremely comfortable (thanks to 2% elastane). $200ish, but I think I got them for $120 or so (at Nordstrom).

    I'm sure the denim authority will turn their nose up at them, but clothes are solutions to problems, and it's a good solution!

  2. Dhaller

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    Denigrating jeans is probably the primary mode of virtue signaling on AAAC. As with all trollery, best to ignore (literally, in some cases) and move on.

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    Our resident fantasist provides further evidence that his pretences are fallacious.
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    I understand the premise behind cuffdaddys post and to some extent agree. On the other hand most people (I would guess even the majority of AAAC members) own and at least occasionally wear jeans. Only in the last few years have I been willing to spend more on jeans and what I have found is that you get what you pay for. Better denim and better construction makes for a better garment. You want to look good in your jeans - well besides working on a a chiseled frame, buy jeans that are high quality and fitted. Indeed, one can get jeans tailored for their frame - buy them a smidge large and have them taken in.
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    7 years has passed since this thread was initiated. So much has changed in the denim industry I wonder if some of the points made are even relevant today.
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    Not sure how things in the industry have changed, nor how that has affected the practices of other members participating in this thread, but I do know that in the time the thread has been in existence, I have religiously worn Levi 501 Originals, eventually progressing to Levi 505's (offering a similar fit, but eliminating the aggravation of a button fly on advancing arthritic hands) and finally have moved on, into Levi 541 Athletic Fits (offering enhanced accommodation of changes in my butt and thigh size and shape and a tapered leg for my runners legs). As you suggest SG 67, times change as does all else! ;)
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    You'll get my button-fly jeans when you pry them from my cold dead hands (or until arthritis strikes - completely understand my friend). Grew up with whatever was cheapest at the Army-Navy store (Wranglers, Levis or Lee) and made it through college with 501s.

    Since then, I've kept to sub-$50 jeans 90% of the time and sub $100 jeans 100% of the time (sales help), so the changes have been less dramatic in my jeans' sandbox than in the selvedge-this-and-that world of the higher-end brands.

    That said, and admittedly against my trad cred - I like that jeans today come pre-washed to look and feel broken in (I'm not talking about the ripped ones, just the ones where the material is softer and looks a bit faded), as that was hell as a kid having to either break them in by wearing them or washing them a ton at home. I remember, literally, hearing them crunch as you wore them for the first (and several successive) times. Even my no-nonsense mom let me wash them a bunch in the machine to help the breaking in process.

    I also - at 6'1", 150lbs. - like that there are slimmer (not skinny) fit jeans available today as they work better for my frame. But again, all this is done from the cheap seats as I have no interest in or knowledge of the designer or hipster stuff that happens in the three-figure world of jeans where some are afraid to wash their jeans for risk of "ruining" the finish.
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    The denim culture is IMO as nuanced and detail-oriented as this Forum's attention to more formal and traditional suiting, and I've always found it a touch surprising that there's not more crossover (and that more or less includes me!). I think I have a grasp of the basics, but compared to the folks that freeze their jeans and/or never wash them, I'm very pedestrian in my tastes. I like plain, minimally altered, dark denim, and thankfully it seems there are a plethora of manufacturers that work to fit that bill, in all prices, shapes, and sizes. But back to 'favorites', I do profess a fondness for classic 501s, APCs, and most recently, a very inexpensive selvedge pair of dark slim jeans from Uniqlo.
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    I have to say, though, that in the case of jeans, they really do get markedly nicer sort of north of $150 or so. I don't think I've ever spent more than $200, but that 150-200 range is just much, much nicer than, say, 501s.

    (Obviously, "nicer" is subjective: in this case I mean a softer, more pliable fabric, less constrictive than the usual jeans.)

    Now, I have one pair of jeans at any given time, so unit cost is less a concern to me than someone who fills their closet with loads of jeans in all formats and colors (which changes the calculus, of course).

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    I have to agree, with my limited knowledge. I bought a higher-end brand at Nordstrom’s sale last year that normally retails in that price range. The fabric vs Levi’s and other ~$50-$75 brands is night and day. By far my favorite pair to wear. Thankfully I only need/want 2-3 pair total.

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