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Discussion in 'Andy's Fashion Forum' started by Thomas Martin, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. SG_67

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    There are so many variables when it comes to denim and so much of it rests in technical aspects that really appeal to the denim geeks.

    It’s really no different than those who go on about the difference between super 120 vs. 150 or LP vs this or that fabric. It’s the same geek factor applied only this time to denim.

    I use the term geek lovingly and with the greatest affection.
  2. eagle2250

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    ^^LOL. How many of we "Geeks" will admit to still having our beloved slide rules, stored in their fine leather cases? Is my present day phone holster but a poor substitute for that old friend, the slide rule? ;)

    PS: How about a clear plastic pocket protector? :crazy:
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  3. SG_67

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    My slide rule case is made of 12 oz. Japanese selvage denim.
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  4. Fading Fast

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    Those are fair points and I have - sincerely - no argument against or animosity toward higher end jeans (although, as noted, not washing them - ever - seems problematic), they just don't interest me. But you have got me thinking: as jeans have morphed into being acceptable at high-end restaurants, business situations, etc., buying better versions makes sense for those who do so.

    I grew up in a time when jeans were worn for manual work, rough outdoor activities or everyday causal stuff (a ballgame or movie theater), but were not generally accepted at nicer restaurants, any business situation or other such events. Hence, my pre-set thinking for jeans is not to spend a lot. I doubt I'll change, but I get your points and see why people are into the expensive ones.
  5. cortman

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    Levis work for 99% of my jeans needs. I did buy a pair of higher end Japan Blue jeans last year, and I really love them. If I buy another pair of jeans in the next couple years it will likely be JB.
  6. fred johnson

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    Not only do I still have my original slide rule and its leather case but I also have kept the 6 foot version I used for teaching. FWIW my jeans are $40 LL Bean.
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  7. Barrister & Solicitor

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    Interesting thread.

    Just over a year ago I started employment at a company where Friday is jeans day. I had a couple of pairs of Levi's.

    Since then, I have taken the time to look at the jeans section of the thrift stores I visit and, lo and behold, have come across some selvedge and/or raw denim jeans that were worth purchasing.

    Yes the material is better than Levi's. Do they fit better? It depends on the cut.
  8. SG_67

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    Rag & Bone fit 2 seems to do the trick for me.
  9. Dhaller

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    Having now learned about Japan Blue, I'm keen to try them.

    (There's also a denim outfit called Pure Japan Blue, but those seem to occupy the $500+ spectrum; Japan Blue is more in the $150-$200 neighborhood.)

  10. Jeff84

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    I wear Levi’s 513 for work and 511 for casual/ dressing up.

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