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I'm certain they are excellent boots, I'm just not interested in doing a bank transfer to pay for them since from what I could find out that doesn't provide any buyer protection. They offer CC and PayPal for purchasing from stock, and when I inquired about that for MTO I was told no because neither provided any kind of buyer protection. Huh? Maybe a language barrier issue in play, but also not something I am interested in having to deal with.
I totally understand.

I was just sharing what little information I knew.


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Though I don't see why you are so worried about this process when the company is known and established, the fact that they blacklisted you because of your discussion on the topic is silly. There are plenty of options out there for you and you don't need them to find a good boot.
I've dealt with known and established in the past that were completely dishonest d-bags - I own a VW diesel.

The irony is, they said no PayPal for MTO, only bank transfer, but when I looked into doing an e-transfer with my bank, it would a) have to be person to person and b) is handled by none other than PayPal. The only other option was institution to institution and neither option has any claw back in case something goes wrong with the order.


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Paypal does have pretty generous and lengthy buyer protections, so I can understand, I suppose, why that could be unappealing as a seller in a MTO situation. However, it seems like they should just be up front about it. A better worded version of: "To protect ourselves, we only accept bank transfers for MTO. We are confident you'll be happy with your purchase, but it is correct that you will have no recourse if you're not." I wouldn't take that offer as a buyer, but others might.


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No PayPal or credit card option... No deal. Period. I have given away enough money this past year. If I can't have some sort of buyer protection, I will do business with someone that offers me a modicum of peace of mind.
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