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Prince Phillip looks great in white tie as always, Zuma looks like a disaster.

The photos are great, the article makes me feel bad the Queen had to suffer through all that.

Isn't that her job?


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I am pleased that for once it is not a US Preident looking bad...


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At the risk of rhinoplasty for the more learned, I cannot see a hint of a morning coat under the overcoat. Third phot from end, would not a morning coat be visble, as it should meet the back of the knees?
Yes. That is if it's a rental affair and his ensemble isn't bespoke.

Cardcaptor Charlie

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Indeed. Actually, the tails should just end above the knee or shorter.

Plus, if the tails were poking out of the overcoat hem it would be a faux pas akin to a white evening waistcoat poking out of the tailcoat fronts...


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I feel sorry for the President, why was he not better advised and dressed. Could Buckingham Palace not have assisted?

His wife looks bettere than him, his suits are ill fitting. Notice the Prime Minister's cuff showing, and none for the President.

Love The Duke of Edinburgh's coat! Well dressed fellow indeed.


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I imagine pointing out sloppy dress is a faux pas, especially if they are a guest. If the President of the United States of America has nobody to advise him that he ought to wear a waistcoat with a dress coat then we can't hold much hope that others will have one that would advise them on such trivial matters as correct proportions.

Brown has only conceded to sartorial tradition since being Prime Minister, when King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia visited in October 2007. Before that time he refused to even wear a dinner suit. There's certainly no hope of the incumbents wearing morning dress and if a Conservative government were to get in I doubt we could expect much better, in no small way helped by class warfare.


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Cameron would be worse than Brown on dress I'd imagine, they don't want to remind people of the Toff/Eton/Bullingdon days.

Phileas Fogg

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Having a look on the website of Getty images there is a pictures of Prince Philip during a previous state visit. In these pictures he is not wearing an overcoat but wears the same striped trousers and top hat with a morning coat.
This should confirm the fact that he wore the overcoat and the morning coat during the visit by President Zuma.

Phileas Fogg


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Zuma is also seen further down with all 3 buttons of his 3B suit done up... Oh how I long for the days when controversial world leaders used to dress impeccably.
You must have a long memory. Mobutu took power in '65:

I suppose Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini were neatly presented, but uniforms are like that. I'll take Churchill's messy bow tie anyday.:cool:
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