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But getting back to Dunhills . . . I was introduced to them by a fellow enlisted man back in the early 70's. He was from a very well-to-do family. How well-to-do? He bought his wife an orange sports car for Halloween!

Anyway, he'd buy Dunhills by the box and leave it open on his desk. We were invited to help ourselves. Good smokes? man
That is over the top! I’d think it was a big deal just to have the cigars without the orange car!
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Hello, I highly recommend Vass. Since you are going there, you might want to ask for Mr. Laszlo Balazs at Vass store at #6 Haris. He will give you good service. I did not want to put his name on this forum without his permission so that is why I sent you this private message. Good luck in your shopping.

Jim (blue suede shoes)
Dragan Lazarevski
Thanks for reaching out BSS - much appreciated! In fact, the person I spoke with on the phone was indeed Mr. Laszlo. Unfortunately, he told me he will not be around the day I will visit their store but he assured me that I will, nevertheless, be in the very competent hands of his colleagues.
What is your business? How many individuals are in your work place? Corduroy is a wonderful 3 season casual trouser- good with a sweater, good with a blazer or sports jacket. Whipcord and Bedford cord are also good alternatives to the classic flannels. If you post images of your jackets the forum will chip in with color suggestions.