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Your daughters wedding is a special occasion. If Brooks is the best store in your locale, pay them a visit. They always have reductions. You will be able to find something that fits your budget.
Paul Winston
( If you need a special tie , I invite you to visit my site.)
Thanks for the advice. How does Brooks 1818 line compare to Sameulsohn?
Made to measure should work. You have been given good advice - Brooks and SM.
At 6'5" your son can use long ties. I invite you to visit my site:
I can cut ties as long as he needs.

Paul Winston
Chipp Neckwear 212 687-0850 cell 203 559-7653
With very few exceptions, select the size that fits your larges dimension - reducing what is too large is easier than enlarging what is too tight. You should find a good tailor and have made-to-measure trousers made.
Paul Winston 212 687-0850