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If you are pleased with the quality, you can't beat the price.
If you are not pleased, visit my site I can't compete with $20; no one to my knowledge competes with my price for top quality Italian knit ties.
Paul Winston
One of the goals of MTM is proper fit and the details you want. Getting 3 button, single vent, and long rise will be no problem. Deal with someone who is there for the fitting. Brooks can certainly do it for you.
If you want longer neckties, I invite you to visit my site-

Paul Winston
David J. Cooper
Thanks Paul. I appreciate your advise. I have been considering a couple of grenadines.

Vents allow the jacket to move . Through the years we were privileged to make dinner suits for some of the most prominent individuals in the country. They all had vents.
Paul Winston
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David Pope
Paul, thanks for your comment. Was there a preference for side vents over center vent for dinner jackets?
paul winston
No preference - a function of personal taste. If an individual has a big seat I recommend a center vent .
Why not add a little color? Go to my site - - and look at the Ancient Madder Red Paisley.
It will give a spark to any navy or grey.

Paul Winston
Thanks. It’s a bit too late to purchase something new. I do have that red necktie I bought and wore a few months ago.
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