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A UK company that makes memorial gravestones quoted me for their article on what to wear for funerals.  The full article is here linked here (and my quotes are reproduced below):



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How to choose the perfect funeral outfit

Posted on 25.09.2015

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A funeral is something that no one fully prepares for, especially as there are so many things to consider to ensure the recently departed gets the send-off they deserve.

On top of choosing a memorial gravestone, another important thing for mourners to keep in mind is the type of funeral outfit you should wear as dressing respectfully is vitally important.

If you are worried about what you should or shouldn’t wear to a funeral, read the following tips to help you choose what to wear.


The Suit

Andy Gilchrist, owner of the Ask Andy About Clothes site, says, “Attending a funeral is not about you, or the place to make a fashion statement, but a solemn occasion showing respect to the deceased and their family. That’s a situation that normally requires you wear a suit and necktie.

“Black is often what comes to mind when we think of attending a funeral. But most men do not have black suits since they are not acceptable daytime wear for most businesses.

“Navy or charcoal are perfect choices.”

Shirt and Tie

Although there are cases where the deceased’s family ask mourners to turn up with colour shirts and ties, most funeral’s follow the traditional rules and it is therefore important to choose a shirt and tie that fits in with the rest of your suit.

Andy Gilchrist, adds, “Pair your best navy or charcoal suit with a white or light blue shirt and subdued necktie. I normally recommend a pocket square but you may want to omit it at a funeral, although a white square discreetly folded would be acceptable.”


Mr. Gilchrist believes choosing the right shoes to wear with your suit is vitally important as it coordinates it all together.

He says, “With a suit, oxford (lace up) shoes are essential. They coordinate with the dressiness of the suit and the occasion. Black shoes are the most conservative, but a cordovan or dark brown shoes would work equally as well.”

Being respectful

If there are no set rules and you are still unsure on what to wear, just envisage yourself going to church and the type of outfit you would choose. Avoid wearing sunglasses, wild prints, celebratory patterns or anything that is considered flashy; after all, you wouldn’t want to focus the attention on yourself at an event designed to be a celebration of the life of the deceased.

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