How to Choose Luggage

Get A Grip!

How to choose your luggage so that it doesn’t become baggage!

You can take it with you!

It pays to buy quality luggage, not necessarily a high profile designer brand (they’re the bags that get stolen first), but you want it to hold up to the rigors of travel. 


Basically soft sided luggage is more flexible and you can stuff more stuff in them, while the hard side bags are safer for transporting anything breakable.


Even balancing two small bags on both shoulders can be tiring if you have to walk any distance at all, plus shoulder straps can be tough on your jacket. A bag that has wheels AND converts to a backpack is the most versatile.


If you can pack everything into two carry-on size bags, you’ll be way ahead of the crowd in more ways than one.

Carry On Caveat:

The FAA and the airlines have new and changing restrictions on carry-ons, and may limit passengers to one plus a briefcase. Watch your local papers, call your airline or your travel agent.

Currently bags have these maximum dimensions:

    STORAGE           COMBINED DIMENSIONS                        EXAMPLES    
Overhead 45 inches

9″ X 14″ X 22″

Under seat 36 inches

9″ X 10″ X 17″

Garment 72 inches

4″ X 23″ X 45″


62 inches

27″ X 21″ X 14″

Also pack a small empty bag. It will come in handy as an extra bag if you purchase some souvenirs you can’t live without.

Luggage care and storage:

Once you are home safe with your memories, and working on the photo album, give some thought to keeping your luggage mildew free, smelling great, and always ready to go.

  • Open up the bags and place them outside on a sunny day to air them out.
  • Keep a fabric softener sheet in the stored bag.
  • Stuffing with crumpled newspapers absorbs odors.

— Andy  Gilchrist