How to Dress as a Tall Man

How should you dress as a tall man? You’ve won the genetic lottery in many eyes; now you’ve got to figure out how to dress for it.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. We cover suit style, shirting, trousers, and shoes.


As a tall man, one of your biggest challenges may be finding things that are a long enough to to fit your frame. Sleeves may only reach your wristbone, shirts may keep coming untucked, and trousers with a 34″ inseam may just not be long enough.

We want to ensure you’ve got enough fabric there to keep you covered!

For that reason, we’d strongly suggest going custom for your shirts and pants. If you’d like more on custom shirts, do consider our friends at Ratio Clothing. We’ve got a great thread on them here.

Suit Style for the Tall Man

In general, two-button, single-breasted suits are always in style. If buying off-the-rack, consider finding sizes labelled “tall.”

They’ll have a longer tail and higher rise, which helps to keep everything in proportion.

Double-breasted suits can look great, especially in you’re both tall and thin. Consider a six-button suit, and we’d suggest you avoid the four-button numbers.

Three-button suits can work as well, but we’d encourage you have a “three-roll-two” jacket done, as the button stance will be much more proportional.


Shoulders should be squared with a light structure to them, especially if you’re tall and thin. The “English” cut will generally look best on you, as it cuts a very powerful, regal figure.

The fit at the waist should be fairly straight as opposed to overly suppressed. We want to avoid an ‘hourglass’ shape with the jacket.

Double vents are preferred to single or ventless jackets. You can feel free to let the jacket run a little longer here, especially if you’ve got very long legs. That helps to promote balance in your figure.

Patterns and Colors:

Plaids, Checks, and windowpanes can be worn very well if you’re dressing as a tall man. However, we’d suggest you avoid stripes: they’ll just elongate your legs even more and give the impression you’re a circus performer on stilts!

Feel free, though, to have some high contrast between your jackets and odd trousers. Conversely to the short man, we’d actually like some horizontal lines here.


You’re in luck, big guy. You can get away with pretty anything and any weight.

Heavier flannels, hearty tweeds, and even crisp linen-anything that drapes, really- will look even more dramatic on you.

So, have at it!

Shirts, Ties, and Trousers for the Tall Man

Shirts and Ties:

A wide spread collar and wider knot like the half-Windsor work well. Full-rolled button-down collars (like those from Ratio) and club collars are great as well. as d  We’d suggest avoiding longer point collars, though.

If you’ve got an especially long neck and can afford a bespoke shirt, you may want to consider having a custom-built collar with a larger neckband.

Bright colors and bold patterns for shirt and tie combination provide a flattering frame for your face.  Try horizontal stripes on ties and shirts, and shirt patterns such as Tattersall, checks, plaid, etc.

We would, though, suggest avoiding vertical-striped shirts. They exaggerate and stretch your frame even further.


Longer rise pants with a slight taper at the knee are going to be your best bet.

Pleats are okay, but flat-front are still very much preferred- especially if you’re tall and thing.

As for cuffs, we’d certainly recommend them. You may even be able to take an aggressive 2″ cuff.

Shoes and Accessories for the Tall Man


Substantial shoes. No skimpy moccasin styles, look for lace-ups or loafers that give you a strong foundation.


Belts are good (horizontal line again) and you can contrast belt and suit or trouser colors.

Eyewear Shape:

If you have an oblong face choose slender frames and look for styles with the temples placed near the middle or low on the frames. A lower bridge in a color will help with a large nose.


Well tailored double breasted or any loose fitting coat. Raglan sleeves are good too.

Summing it Up

In short, you’re in luck. For suiting, feel free to have a little fun with pattern, texture, and even some color. Do ensure your shirt torso is long enough to cover the seat and that your sleeves are long enough.

You do want to create some visual contrast; you can do that by avoiding monochromatic looks, accessorizing with belts, and (again) playing with pops of color.

Most importantly, though,  proportion is going to the key to success. You do want to show off your height, but not to the extent that it comically elongates your figure.

Thanks for reading, and we hope this gave you a good primer in how to dress as a tall man!