How to Dress as a Thin Man

Being “A Thin Man” has a dual connotation in today’s fit environment. In many cases, it’s a source of envy. However, it can also mean you have trouble finding clothing that fits- as most of the population just isn’t like you.

This article is intended to help you sort through this and offer tips and tricks for better fit.


Many thinner men believe that wearing their clothing shorter and tighter makes them look bigger and stronger, highlighting muscles they may not have developed yet. Quite the opposite is true.

Conversely, thinner men may also wear their clothing larger to add mass. While indeed, it does add mass-it can look quite sloppy.

So, in general, we’d suggest clothing in a ‘balanced’ fit that is neither skin-tight nor especially full-cut.

However, many off-the-rack suits are simply going to be too big for you. Any alterations you may need will be very expensive, and the amount of work done may actually throw off the balance and proportion.

But, if buying off-the-rack, we’d suggest taking one size smaller than what you normally would. Additionally, you can find slim fit suiting. However, we’d take care with this, as many slim-fit suits are part of fast-fashion brands and are low-priced and low-quality.

Check out this discussion on our forum which discusses slim fit suiting in detail.

Suit Style:

Both single and double breasted suits will be just fine. If tall and thin, we’d suggest considering a three button or a “three-roll two” style suit.

Double-breasted suiting can work particularly well on thinner men, as the extra layer of cloth will add some needed bulk to the frame. Both six and four button jackets will work- it really depends on height on preference.

Many off-the-rack suits are simply going to be too big for you. Any adjustments are going be quite expensive and may throug


Softer, Italian-style tailoring with a more “natural” shoulder will look fantastic on you.

We’d also suggest proportional lapels to the width of your chest. So, if you wear a 34 jacket, that 4-inch lapel may just be too wide for the jacket. But, a medium width lapel can add some broadness to your chest.

We’d suggest both patch and flap style pockets on the jacket.

Vents should be double-vented, and we’d strongly suggest avoiding a single-breasted style.


If looking to add a little mass, weightier cloth in tweed, flannel, and thicker wools will work beautifully. Heavier materials also drape much better than lighter ones.

Linen and cotton can work for you, but we’d suggest a lighter weight “tropical” for summer.

Pattern and Color:

Patterns are very much your friend. Consider windowpanes, checks, herringbones, and the like. However, we’d suggest avoiding pinstripes and thinner stripes, as they will tend to exaggerate how thin you already are.

Color can also be a fantastic tool for your wardrobe. We’re certainly not advocating orange suits or anything like that, but a little pop can be great for your sweaters and shirting. .

Shirts, Ties, and Trousers for A Thin Man

Shirts and Ties

Spread collars tend to broaden the face on a thin man. Tab and pin collars can be great additions for the wardrobe. Do avoid, however, long pointed collars. They tend to exaggerate a long face.

We’d also suggest incorporating larger knots like a double four-in-hand or a half-Windsor.

Micro-checks, gingham, and light, solid colored shirts are excellent choices. Much like in your suiting, however, we’d suggest avoiding shirts with vertical stripes, as they emphasize those lines and just how thin you are.

If buying off-the-rack, slim fit shirts are going to be a necessity. You may even need to buy an extra slim fit! As mentioned earlier, though, we’d suggest buying a shirt that fits your body type and not something that’s slim just because it’s trendy.


We’d recommend flat-front trousers for you. Slimmer fit trousers will also be necessary, especially if you’ve got thinner thighs.

As for cuff with, that really depends on if you’re tall and thin or short and thin. Cuffs with 1 3/4″ will work best, as opposed to shorter 1 1/4″.

Shoes and  Accessories for A Thin Man


Something with a thicker sole will complete your look. Try double soles, wingtips, and derby-style shoes.


If tall and thin, we’d recommend belts over suspenders. That visual break will be quite helpful for your figure.

Eyewear Shape:

Horizontal lines and also full rims around the lenses will shorten your face. Try glasses with mid or low temples.


Raglan sleeves and double breasted styles are good if you are thin and tall.

Summing Up

Many men do covet a thin body type, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’ve got it.

However, much of today’s clothing- especially in the American market, isn’t meant to fit you. So, you’ve got to learn to work with it.

Suiting should be comfortable, but fitted. Shirts with a larger, but balanced, collar, can add heft.

Trousers should be slim, but certainly not tight. And, we’d recommend shoes with a thicker sole to give you some extra mass.

Thanks for reading, and we certainly hope this helps you when seeking to dress well as a thin man!